Friday, June 17, 2011

How to do the Snow picture

First, I choose my pictures that I wanted to use out of my own collection but I got the background off of the internet. I cut out my model and chose wings that I thought would look good. My wings had a black background so I set the layers to Lighten. I put a motion blur on one set of wings and then a surface blur on the other then put the wings under the layer of the model. I also put planets in the background to make it seem more fantasy like. After I finished the background I put a motion blur on it so it would not distract from the foreground. To make the snow I have 8 different layers of dots with a gaussian blur on them. Some of the dots also are different sizes within the larger dot. Lastly, I put two different textures in cyan and grey tones ontop of the picture.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final Project :(

I incorperated the tutorial that you did with the angle guy with my snow idea. On top of having the snow I also used two different textures that are hare hard to see but goes really well with the snow I think.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Things I would like to do this week


Week 4 Project 2

Thanks so much for telling me to merge my individual layers to make the process quicker when multiplying the boxes! It cut the time in half! I chose to do bigger squares to make it easier to see because I felt in my first picture it was just to small to really see the whole effect.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week 4 Project 1

I am kind of disapointed this week in my first project. It does not look nearly as cool  as the origional picture I looked at. I had some bumps along the way that made this quite time consuming. My photoshop will not select the little squares unless you move it with the arrow over one. I know this is odd huh? Also when I went to use my square to fill in the spaces when I selected the square it would use the origional so I was copying and pasting them. Due to coping and pasting each one it put it on its own layer. Which was fine when it came to layering them on top of eachother but when doing the multiply step it was aweful! Any suggestions to over come those problems and or make my second project for this week cooler?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Next week

I would like to do:

Project 2 for Week 3

I have never had so many problems with one project in my life! It took me to the very end to figure out why I had so many problems with the magic wand and it was because the size got turned way down. I had masked the whole figure out by hand before I figured out why it was only making lines and not selecting the whole image :(